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Hi ❀️

I'm Tracy Yolaine Ngot (she / her), CTO at Fair HQ and full stack developer.
I build MVP and beautiful apps using Node.js, JS/Typescript.

Photography πŸ“Έ, Gaming πŸ•Ή and Art ✍️ are my hobbies.

CTO at Fair HQ

Sep 2020 β€” TodayJavascriptTypescriptReactNode.js

Front-end Engineer at Fidel API

Jul 2018 β€” Aug 2020ReactTypescript

Full Stack Engineer at Agorapulse

May 2017 β€” Jun 2018AngularTypescriptGroovyJava

UX Developer at Comet Global Consulting

Sep 2015 β€” Apr 2017JavaJavascript

Full Stack Engineer at CGG

Mar 2015 β€” Aug 2015JavascriptAngularJava


Sep 2020 β€” TodayTypescriptReactGatsbyShopifyFirebase

Don't Make Me Code

Mar 2021 β€” Today

Apr 2020 β€” Apr 2020Node.jsTypescriptReactFaunaDB